Our Concept

“Your trust is important to us!”


We combined target-oriented diagnostics, innovative therapy methods and high safety standards with therapy based on the latest scientific developments.

State-of-the-art fertility treatment,
women’s and men’s healthcare in Olten and Basel

Medical and technological perfection are crucial factors on the

journey to a successful fertility treatment in women’s and men’s healthcare.

A trusting atmosphere and individual support are additional important criteria.   
That is something we  - the team of physicians and staff members at Fertisuisse - are convinced of.



Your trust is important to us.

We want you to feel comfortable and that you are in safe hands. That starts with the practice ambience and organisational handling, is demonstrated in the consulting services and informational conversations and goes on with every single medical step. We take time for your wishes and needs, – clarify findings in detail and explain medical background information to you in a comprehensible manner.


Take us at our word. We look forward to meeting you.




Technical terms explained quickly

From Amenorrhea to Zygote: Here you will find an overview of medical terms and their explanations.