Supportive measures

What else can we do?

This is a question most couples ask themselves.
An unfulfilled wish for children is difficult to bear. We know this and therefore try to support our patients wherever possible. Therefore we work hand in hand with psychologists, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) therapists and nutritionists.



Psychological counselling/ coaching/ guidance

Dr.med Anna Raggi
FMH Gynecological Endocrinology and Reproductive Medicine, Psychosomatics and Fertility Counseling
PD Dr.med Gideon Sartorius
FMH Gynecological Endocrinology and Reproductive Medicine, Psychosomatic and Sexual Medicine
Dr. phil. Martina-Barbara Bingisser
Federally recognized psychotherapist martina.bingisser@psychologie.ch
Prof. Dr. med. Johannes Bitzer


For most couples, the process of starting a family and planning to have a child begins naturally at first. But what happens if this process comes to a standstill and the ideas and wishes associated with it are not fulfilled?
This issue of an "unfulfilled desire to have children" affects people and couples of all social classes and is independent of the psychological state of the persons concerned, but usually leads to high levels of suffering, self-deprecation, fear, feelings of shame and guilt, and places a great strain on the partnership as well as one's own well-being.
We offer people and couples in this situation professional support to come up with new approaches and perspectives.
In both one-on-one and couple-to-couple interviews, we help you to find out what you need as a person and/or as a couple in terms of individual support.
Ms. Bernauer, an experienced psychologist, Dr. Raggi, a psychosomatics specialist, with many years of experience in the field of sperm and egg donation, and Dr. Sartorius, a psychosomatics specialist and experienced sexologist, are happy to offer guidance and support in every area.


Possible areas

"Unfulfilled desire to have children"
  • Assessment of the situation
  • Dealing with friends and your birth family
  • Couple conflicts/ sexuality
  • Impact on your occupation
  • Life perspectives
Situation after a miscarriage or repeated miscarriages
Sperm and egg donation
Consideration of pre-existing mental illnesses, e.g. depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorders, eating disorders, emotional aspects of obesity




Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM)

When can TCM help?

The TCM treatment options range from supporting a natural pregnancy and birth to accompanying reproductive medical techniques of conventional medicine (inseminations and IVF/ICSI).

Both women and men respond better to conventional medical therapies with the help of TCM. In addition, the psychological stress associated with fertility treatments can be successfully reduced.


Ms. Bühler can support you gently and efficiently with acupuncture and Chinese medicinal therapy at any time on your path to fertility.


If desired, it is also possible to have acupuncture during embryo transfer.





Nutritional counselling

When you are trying to have children, a healthy diet and a normal weight are the best prerequisites for a problem-free pregnancy. Many women have already tried different methods to lose a lot of weight. Oviva provides competent advice to help you achieve lasting weight loss without going hungry. Participation is usually subsidised by health insurance companies. The consultants come to the fertisuisse centres in Olten and Basel and they are happy to support you in this process.






Technical terms explained quickly

From Amenorrhea to Zygote: Here you will find an overview of medical terms and their explanations.





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