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Health problems specific to men are often emotionally draining and can have multiple causes. Among other things, this includes dysfunctions in fertility, sexual function or the androgen balance (androgens = male sex hormones). Potency problems are not uncommon. Triggering factors can be diabetes, hormonal dysfunctions, arteriosclerosis, excessive alcohol and nicotine consumption, certain medication - but also ongoing physical or mental stress. Extreme mood swings, fatigue, depression  or changes in sexuality often indicate a  lack of testosterone.
Male sex hormones are important for bodily functions such as muscle development, healthy bones, the generation of red blood cells and fat distribution. A lack of sex hormones can therefore lead to health disorders. The field of andrology is an interdisciplinary special field with content from urology, endocrinology, general medicine, sexual medicine and reproductive medicine. Please contact us if you require any additional information or have additional questions.



Sexual dysfunctions

Sexual dysfunctions such as erectile dysfunctions, problems with premature or delayed ejaculation, problems with internet sexuality and so on represent an enormous strain for many men. The causes of sexual dysfunctions can be of purely physical or purely emotional nature. Very often, a combination of causes is responsible. Trusting and specialised support often leads to a solution of the problems or to a better handling of one’s own sexuality. There are a wide range of therapeutic options available at our locations for this purpose.
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Fertility reserve

Sperm cryopreservation, to maintain fertility can make sense before chemotherapy for the treatment of cancer or before a long-term course of medication, which can compromise fertility or the health of offspring. Sperm cells can remain frozen for many years and then be thawed for artificial insemination when the time is right. Make an appointment

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Unfulfilled desire to have a child

It is very important, to examine both partners because in the case of approximately half of all couples with fertility problems, relevant causes are found on the masculine side of the equation. In addition to a confidential conversation with the doctor and the physical exam, a thorough examination of the man also includes lab tests of the seminal fluid and certain blood test results.



Vasectomy – Male sterilisation

A sterilisation (vasectomy) is primarily considered for men who do not want to father any more children. This procedure is often conducted as an outpatient procedure under local anaesthetic. The spermatic duct is cut or a small piece of the spermatic duct is removed during the procedure. The production of hormones, sexual desire and performance are not affected by this surgical procedure. A vasectomy is considered not to have any side effects and to be virtually painless. During the subsequent period, 2-3 sperm tests / spermiograms are conducted at different intervals, to check the ejaculate for sperm. Therefore, alternative contraception should still be used until sterility has been confirmed by the  urologist.



Technical terms explained quickly

From Amenorrhea to Zygote: Here you will find an overview of medical terms and their explanations.